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We Talked About This

Jun 29, 2019

Clark is Frankfurt and discuss some of the stupid things captured or purposely put on social media, the tipping cultures of North America and Asia and whether it's a gig or a jig that's up.

Frankfurt One Day Itinerary
Iron Bridge
Chair incident in Toronto girl throwing off balcony
Tipping Culture by country 
The Gig...

Jun 20, 2019

This episode, Simon and Clark talk about how much they hate email, common misused phrases, the weirdest things seen in another people's houses and other topics.

Crow Problem in Tokyo

Cal Newport - Assembly Line Reference

Workopolis - Commonly Misused Phrases

Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Scary Easter Bunny...

Jun 6, 2019

Simon and Clark talk about the Moon landing conspiracy and other topics.

Voodoo Histories Book (the book where Clark first read about moon landings)

Mythbusters Episode 104 Nasa Moon Landing

Dunder Mifflen Paper

The Office TV Series

Red Stapler

Office Space Movie 

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